Smoking stinks, smoking kills. So yeah, it definitely sucks. It sucks your health and your life, and even some of your close ones. The simple fact that you know this (because you already know this right ?) should have made you stop from a long time, and even not started at all.

Unfortunately there are these f*!#ing (sorry) toxic substances that make you become addicted to it. Meaning you are spending money on an ongoing basis just to increase your chance of dying faster from some painful diseases that you know too (heart stroke, lung cancer, tongue cancer, throat cancer…)

So for those of you that consider smoking as a pleasure, or something sexy or anything “positive”, well thanks for your opinion, but this website is not for you.


Well, yes, there is. You certainly know someone who smoked in the past and is now smoke free. And you certainly have heard about people who smoked packs after packs a day and were able to make it. Why not you ? You can be a success story, your own success, making a life changing decision, possibly the best decision of your life.

This website will give you few hints and ways to stop smoking. You’ll mainly find natural ways. Hey, you’ve already ingested so many poison that a bit of natural won’t hurt you. Consider these ways to quit as a help, and you’ll need some !


You may think you don’t need help, and that you can quit alone. Of course that can be done, many have tried and succeeded, many others have failed. Going “cold turkey” is difficult, because it is painful to feel your body getting rid of nicotine.

You can not only get help from stop smoking products as we mentioned earlier, but support is always welcome. It is strongly advised that you tell everyone in your entourage of your decision to quit. This needs to be respected, you MUST be respected for that choice.

They have to know because your behavior may change a bit during the withdrawal phase, but smokers around you should also understand that it’s not necessary anymore to offer you a cigarette.

There are many tips here that you will find in our articles. Sure these will be helpful.


Your focus. Your brain is controlling a lot of the things you do. It has also been involved in telling you when it’s time to smoke. Now you will have to train it to stay focus. You will think on what’s next, what is the outcome, what you can do to keep your mind and hands busy, how tomorrow will be easier than today, and the next day even easier.

Supposed to be easy now ? No, but when you stop smoking your body is starting to get rid of the nicotine it contains. This means your addiction will get weaker and weaker while you’ll be healthier and healthier.

So you can gradually decrease the number you smoke each day until your quit date.


Okay, browse the website, read all the articles if you can so you can learn how you can quit for good. Plan your quit in advance, tell everyone, get some help from stop smoking products, and focus on your outcom. Then reward yourself. You deserve it.

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